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The Yartzeit

Mother Rachel’s yartzeit is on the Eleventh of Cheshvon (October 24 2015). Jews have always visited Kever Rachel on Rachel’s yartzeit, because prayers recited on that day are especially effective. Mosdos Kever Rachel keeps the tradition alive, by hosting the influx of visitors. The turnout is tremendous. In 2012, over 100,000 Jews visited Kever Rachel on the yartzeit. All of them benefited from Mosdos Kever Rachel’s hospitality. Mosdos Kever Rachel prepares for the visitors, by providing: 

~ Bus transportation – Our  buses provide shuttle service from Yerushalayim, Bnei Brak, and other major cities, throughout the day of the yartzeit. 

~ Security – We work with the Israeli Defence Force and the police department to prepare the site for the visitors. The entire area is lit up, and patrolled by security personnel. Security personnel also enforce crowd control measures, by limiting the amount of people in the building at any time.

~ Shelter – Mosdos Kever Rachel sets up a large tent to accommodate the visitors. Food, drink, chairs, and portable restrooms are prepared for the crowds.

~ Food – Kever Rachel distributes thousands of food packages for the visitors to Kever Rochel, in honor of Mother Rachel.


Worldwide Yartzeit School Project

Prayers recited at Kever Rachel on her yartzeit are a great source of blessing – but not everyone can be there. Mosdos Kever Rachel brings the power of the day to tens of thousands of school children worldwide, with the Yartzeit School Project. The project harnesses technology for holiness, by broadcasting the recital of Tehillim and the Mincha prayer service around the world, in real time, via audio hookup.

The project has a double impact. First, it connects students around the world with Mother Rachel, and lets them sense a touch of the Divine Presence at her grave, as they raise their voices in prayer together with Jews at Kever Rachel. Second, the act of praying together with children from Israel, America, Europe, and even Australia gives students a special sense of belonging to Am Yisroel – a nation with one heart that beats in harmony, though thousands of miles between us.


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