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Have the kollel man daven for you on, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Hoshna Rabah (per 4 names, $18 each additional name )

Have the kollel Chatzos (Midnight) daven for your name and request for 40 days (2 names)

Sponsor a whole day at Kever Rachel The Buses, The Torah Scholars, And the Minyan Tehillim And Receive a free Gift, A Real Silver Challa Cover

Sponsor 250 food packages for visitors on the Yartzeit And receive a free gift, a bautiful Painting of Kever Rachel.

Arrange for a minyan to recite the entire Sefer Tehillim on your behalf

support the scholars of the midnight Kollel (Chatzot) for one day

Sponsor one armored bus trip to Kever Rachel

On Every Erev Rosh Chodesh of the year, the Kollel members will daven for your name and request. (per name)

Have the kollel men daven every day of the year after the recital of the Tehillim, blowing the shofar and saying the 13 Midot Harachamim. for your name and request (per name)

Have the kollel men daven for your name and request for 40 days (2 names)

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