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Today's Activities



We organize buses, operating several times daily at a subsidized price, to serve Jews who come to visit the kever.

For Info. About The Bus Schedule:
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After overcoming great obstacles, we have built, for the first time in history, a Mikvah for daily use of the visitors. Kabbalah offers a precedent for building a mikvah here, proving that for hundreds of years, Jews have aspired to purify themselves at this place.


Midnight Kollel:

Kabbalah says that the middle of the night, when silence reigns and the world sleeps, is an hour of Divine favor and mercy. Mosdos Kever Rachel sponsors a Midnight Kollel (Chatzot) for Torah scholars and the pious to come to Rachel's Kever, where they learn and pray until dawn.

Kollel "Kol Berama"

The tomb of Rachel has become a home for a group of young Talmidei Chachomim, who come daily and learn Gemara and Halacha, and fill the tomb with their sweet sounds of Torah.

Daily Minyan Tehillim:

Every day, a Minyan recites the entire Sefer Tehillim on behalf of our sponsors and all of Rachel's children. When their prayer unites with the holiness of the site, its power is intensified.

For The Schedule of the Minyan, And for all Minyanim
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Kever Rachel Hotline:

1888-2-ROCHEL (276-2435)

Mosdos Kever Rachel's phone lines bring the merit of Rachel Imeinu to Jews around the world.

Mosdos Kever Rachel maintains a 24-hour phone line, enabling Jews everywhere to have Tehilim recited on their behalf, free of charge, by Torah scholars of Kollel Kever Rachel.

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