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1590 BCE

Rachel Imeinu Was Born To Her Father Lavan In The City Of Haran; She Was Shepherding Her Fathers Sheep's.

(Bereishit 29, 9)
1584 BCE

Yaakov Went To Haran to Find A Wife, as he got to the Well of Haran he saw Rachel coming with her fathers sheep's, he took off the stone of the well and helped her serve the sheep's. And Yaakov said to Lavan Give me Rachel for a wife and in return I will serve for you seven years, and Lavan Agreed.

(Bereishit 29, 10)
1577 BCE

At The end of the Seven years, Yaakov planed his Marriage as agreed with Lavan. Yaakov gave special codes to Rachel in order Lavan should not deceive him with her sister Leah, However since Lavan did Send Leah to the Chupah, in order she shouldnt be Ashamed Rachel told her all the Codes, and Yaakov married her.
In This Tremendous Merit Hashem Said I Will Never Forget My Beloved Children Kellal Yisrael!
(Bereishit 29, 23)
1577 BCE

Rachel Imeinu Got Married At The Age Of 14 (13) To Yaakov Avinu, In Return That He Worked For Her Father Lavan For Additional Seven Years.

(Bereishit 29, 29)
1561 BCE

Her First Child Was Born After 16 Years Not Having Children, And She Called His Name Yosef, Saying: 'The LORD Add To Me Another Son.'
Right After The birth Of Yosef They Left Haran.

(Bereishit 30, 22)
1552 BCE

Her Second Child Was Binyamin, She Gave Birth On The Way While They Were Traveling To Efrat, She Called His Name Ben-Oni But His Father-Yaakov Called Him Benyamin.

(Bereishit 35, 16)
1552 BCE

Rachel Imeinu Passed Away While Giving Birth To Benyomin, At The Age Of 38(37), Yaakov Buried Her On The Way, Near Bethlehem (The Jews Should Be Able To Cry There On Their Way To Exile) And He Placed A Tombstone On Her Gravesite Which Is There Until Today.

(Bereishit 35, 19)
568 BCE

The First Temple Was Destroyed And The Jews Went To Exile - To Bavel They Stopped At Rachel Imeinu's Tomb To Pray And Cry For Mercy For Her Beloved Children.

(Yermiyahu 6)
568 BCE

The First Temple Was Destroyed And The Jews Went To Exile - To Bavel They Stopped At Rachel Imeinu's Tomb To Pray And Cry For Mercy For Her Beloved Children.

(Yermiyahu 6)

The First Structure On The Gravesite Was A Tomb On Four Poles, Which Was Arranged By Mahmud Sasha.

Grand Rabbi Yeshyaha Horowitz The Shla Ztz"L, Succeded To Get A Permit From Mohamed Pehha The Minister Of Jerusalem To Build Walls Between The Poles And Have A Closed Room To Be Able To Pray And Study At The Gravesite.

At This Time Rachel's Tomb Got its Well Known Shape "The Building With The Tomb On Top", Which Was Build By Moses Montifyori And His Wife Judith, A Stone Plaque Thanking Montifyori Was Hung-Up In The Building.
In 1845 More Then Forty Years Later They Had To Maintain and Reconstruct The Building Which Was Also Donated By Montifyori.

A Well Was Drilled In The Yard Of The Tomb, To Serve The Visitors Who Come Pray At The Tomb. The Well Was Drilled With The Financial Assistance Of The Bombay Jewish Community (India).

At The Establishment Of The State Of Israel, The Arabs Got Control Over The Tomb, And Having Access To The Site Became Almost Impossible.

At The Six Day War Kever Rachel Was Liberated, And The Site Got Back To The Jews, Baruch Hashem Again Jewish People Can Come And Cry At Their Mothers Tomb.

The Palestine's Got Security Control Over The Site (Camp David Peace Map). It Became A Dangers Place To Come Visit Since The Intifada Started,
At 1998-2000 a new bullet proof building was build by the Israeli government to protect the site from terror attacks, The Idf Got Back Control Over The Site, For Security Purposes The Site Was Closed To The Public.

Mosdos Kever Rachel started a revolution. The Many People who Come To Kever Rachel during all hours of Day and Night Have Turned Kever Rachel From a desolate Place into one bursting with life.
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